Four men's journey to North Korea


The artist learned from the North Korean defector that four South Koreans, who were helping North Koreans to escape, were going to North Korea via China with a message (‘Believe in Jesus’) and food. They successfully completed their mission and handed to the artist a video that contained their journey. 

Four men from South Korea head for China, on a journey to eventually reach and transmit a message to North Koreans in the neighboring North. They contact a Korean Chinese woman in China, during which they meet several North Koreans who fled North Korea and are secretly staying in China. The four men instantly hear about the harsh situation and living conditions of the North Koreans while in China. The woman and the four men prepare notes carrying the message ‘Believe in Jesus’, a loaf of bread, an aloe vera soapbar, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and two sausages’ which makes one package for each North Korean who might be fortunate to receive it. They will convey the packages to the North Koreans tomorrow. And after all, the four men move to North Korea through her guidance. We can see buildings and an amusement ride there but the guide says that nobody vacates at the buildings and the amusement ride has not been in service after it was made. These are just propagandistic buildings to mislead the rest of the world. Most factories are closed in North Korea as there is no constant electricity available. To travel in to North Korea, firstly they drive a car towards the city of Uijufor two hours, after which they go aboard a ship under Chinese flag to bring the packages. It’s another two hours per boat accompanied by the guide. A desolate bridge is seen which was destroyed in the Korean War. The bridge is a typical reminder of the North which has yet to recover from that war as development halted and might still carry rage and vulnerability of the people. They approach a North Korean river. From here you can see North Koreans, their houses and soldiers, so we are able to get a glimpse of their living conditions. It is too dangerous to disembark on land from the ship, so they stay on the ship. From the comfort of the ship they voyage into the North Korean river and throw the packages to every North Korean they encounter.