Fishing in the forest


Through the incident (meeting North Korean defectors in the Netherlands) that shook the artist’s system of thought, the social and political phenomena and issues since the Korean War were recreated into six characters and produced into an animation. 

Kim creates an object called ‘pack of eyes’ which is a pack of messages and issues of the world transmitting from one place to another. The pack firstly works to present the Korean War and current situations of post war Korea. The pack continues to move towards a North Korean river where it faces a ‘walking man’ who is crossing the river. The pack consumes the walking man smoothly. Kim moves to another place and touches a part of a media machine then creates a bowl displaying Korean activities in China. The bowl gradually grows. In front of the media machine there are twins. These twins fish with rods and lines in individual screens from the media machine. Their backs and arms are connected to each other, but they both look at other directions. During this time, a South Korean man on a ship floats on the river which divides North Korea and China and is holding a Chinese flag. Another man on a ship also sails on the river holding the same Chinese flag but this time it’s a North Korean man. They exchange packages. In a way, the twins encounter the pack of eyes. North and South Korean flags are seen on each separate body of the twins. And the American flag appears with much ado from the pack. An American flag moves around Korean flags, so the North Korean twin attacks to the pack of eyes. At the same time, a camera (with Chinese flag) just watches the happening. The packs of eyes come together and form a tree of eyes into the world. The tree of eyes sucks out all from humans because of greed.