The tool that reminds of the absent presence


Jiyoon Moon has been drawing consistently for a year. He seems to have been focusing on asking questions to himself about what he really wants to convey, regardless of the external conditions, and understand his process. One of the reasons I became interested in Moon's work was the act of presenting his work to people. He gets repeated experiences of reaction and response to reaction from the recipients, according to his intention of presenting. His drawing becomes the medium for the relationship, expressed as a token. His friends, who receive the drawing, can now meet him, even though he may not be physically present. “Haunting is historical, to be sure, but it is not dated, it is never docilely given a date in the chain of presents, day after day, according to the instituted order of a calendar” (Derrida 1994: 4). In other words, being haunted means losing concept of time and we are being haunted on a moment, when we are completely oblivious. For example, it is similar to the 'process' of a young actor drawing and handing it as a present to someone else. Instead of restricting the meeting of finite persons in tangible sharing, functional relationship between 'what it means' and 'what it becomes to be' are represented by making signs for the act of reaching others, being present in the abductive relationship for others, being reached by others, and responding to things that are approaching 'me.'

(S)The map that reminds of the absent pr