Performance 1minute

3 September 2010

Wongok dong in Ansan started out as the main residential area for laborers
at the Banwol industrial area but due to economical development of Korea
in recent decades foreign workers were brought in from China and Russia after
the Cold War era and created the multicultural Wongok dong of today.
After this occurred more nationalities were drawn to this area and now
the population of ethnic Koreans is surpassed by that of the foreigners who
live and have businesses there. Because of these changes, different kinds
of groups were formed and artists flocked to the area to observe this phenomenon.
However this movement creates gaps between the different kinds of people of
the area and outsiders who try to make contact with the locals. I have put down
the findings obtained through the performance 'A wash place 2010' at Wongok dong's
meeting point square on August 15, in text format and passed it on to five foreign
artists who are studying the area. We walked to streets of Wongok dong and read
this text loudly. This reflects the(our) image of outsiders striding in Wongok dong.


Title: 2010 Industrial-Residency area interconnecting Residency Program "IR-Interconnecting Road".

Duration: 1st August untill 30th September 2010 Location: Ansan Wongok-Dong Borderless village,

Ansan Banwol&Siwha Industrial Complex. Host and Organization: Community Space Litmus. Spnsership:

GyeongGi Cultural Foundation. Cooperation: Ansan Migrant Community Service Center, Ansan Migrant Center.

Participating Artists: Kim Eun Hyung, Choi Jungwoo, Park Seunghoon, Lee Jongkyun, Keum Hyewon,

Song Sooyoung, Oh Mikyung.

Wongok-dong, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea,
3 September 2010

Performance: 1 minute

Producer – Kim Eun Hyung

Participants - Kota Takeuchi, Lau Hok Shing, William Hsu, Yasmin jaha, Roshanak. Ostad

A. B. C. D. E. F. G

to Eunhyung
I send the impression of the event on yesterday.
To see the sentences on your Web site, and accept your
oral explanation, I admired again that water, laundries, dirts as motifs and
the theme were good selection considered well.
In addition, as for me, it was interesting that you dare
to did a right and domestic act in public space.
You were domestic, healthy Muse who appeared in that park
with a beautiful smile suddenly.
On the other hand, You seemed to be an unknown invader.
You may pretend to wash and may extract our DNA.(Will this
fear be Japanesque?) I like such a small humor that a really right act brings

I am the confused person from Sunday who stopped by to have my socks washed.
Coincidently I came across the laundry site while I was sightseeing in Wongok dong and I must say that I had fun.
Due to the drinking and fatigue from the night before I forgot to take my socks back and I want to express my sadness for that through this email.

Well it wasn’t uncommon for our mothers in the past to loose one or two socks or pieces of underwear when they did their laundry on the banks of little streams. They then took it out on their children when correcting their homework. In Bae Chang Ho’s movie ‘Village people’, the opening scene is when some women for the slum fight over their husband’s underwear at a well.
It not only reflects the determination of people from the slum but it also illustrates the complicated relationships which follow. And what to say about the portrayed evil voyeurism by Miss Gong Ok Jin in the beginning of the movie.
In Dan Won’s ‘A wash place’, a gentle scholar whose face is disguised by a folding fan is seen watching women doing their laundry.

Hehe… Laundry by itself is a private matter.
But washing places are spaces where everything is out in the open and where affairs such as backtalking, matchmaking and gossiping are the most normal thing.

I had to leave early since I was too tired but I regret not having talked more to the artists from New Zealand and Japan and your friends.

In conclusion it was very fun to participate in the project and I hope I did not delay or cause any inconvenience. I will try to visit the Litmus exhibition and also meet the people I had met at Gyeonggi Creation Center. Hehe…
I hope that you do well with your project.

While doing laundry at Wongok dong’s meeting point on Sunday August 15, 2010 at 2 pm, local kids arrive and one of them says:

Hojoon: “Do you want to ride my bike? That will cost you 5000 won for 30 minutes, 30 minutes for 5000 won! 30 minutes for 5000 won!”

7 year old Hojoon said to his friends:

Hojoon: “30 minutes for 5000 won! 30 minutes for 5000 won!”

Hojoon remained at the wash place for nearly 3 hours. He and his friends did not want to get out of the washtubs.

Hojoon: “What are you doing? Laundry? Can I wash my toys in here?”

He thought we were reporters and he was telling us about a Chinese news paper where a travel agency advertized which took money from people as bond to come to Korea but took it for other purposes. They are being sued at the moment but the company is still operating.

F: Tank1

F: Two people who have met for the first time at the wash place talk.

G: Shall I give you my business card?
E: Yes please!

F: A man who had watching them asks.

F: What are you doing? Oh you brought all your dirty laundry…
G: Come here everybody who is hot!
E: Hahaha what do you do usually? On the weekends?
G: I play volleyball in the afternoons in nice weather… exercise…

nobody comes out since it’s hot.
E: Yes
G: When the weather’s good everyone comes out, many of them Chinese,

no matter what nationality, everybody plays and exercises…
E: Oh together? I see… But don’t familiar people stick with each other? 
G: Everyone who exercises here gets along with everyone and do everything together..
E: Ah.. together…
G: This right here is good…
E: What is this? Arm warmers?
G: Um well… This is really cool and good, the manual says its Italian made…
E: Italy…

F: Take2
E: Yes? What is that? Solar powered?
G: It generates energy using sunlight
E: I see… have you worked long?
G: I have worked 7 years now… 7 years and a half…
E: Ah… Then has it also been 7 years in Korea?
G: No, about 10 years…
E: 10 years…
G: No, 12 years…
E: 12 years… Do you like Korea?
G: Of course! I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t! I stay here because it’s nice here…
E: That’s good… Do you live around here?
G: Yes!

F: A gentleman who suddenly appears

F: Do the stains come off well?
E: Yes its coming off great, whoa

F: Gentleman 1 pours water over gentleman 3 and says.

G: Come here and get some refreshment
F: That water doesn’t look that clean…
G: It’s drinkable water isn’t it… haha
E: Yes it seems so.
G: Look! This is my foot towel and it gets well easily… Take off your underwear

and I will wash it for you!
F: What is this? Is it for sale?
E: No its not something which is for sale…