Post it


People who are singing and yelling in the street; people who comes out to the street with signs every morning; and people who started to put post-its on the street.
A young woman was sacrificed from the recent case of motiveless murder in Korea and a young temporarily employed man had to die because of the structural fault in an organization. Both of these cases spread a great sense of loss through all of us. Being reminded that the subject of such cases can always become oneself, people left shameful words of cry on the street. Putting post-its on the street turned the abstract senses of despair, deprivation, shame, grief, anguish, futility, emptiness, lament, sorriness and helplessness into visible signs. This social conflict is having a physical impact on everyone and the symbols, pains and marks therefrom are being tracked down.
Through this monthly project, I am exploring through the choreographic ways to provide critical discussions on the political bodies with the body, independence and movements.