5 May 2016

Picket(A plank with a handle that is carried around to announce the opinion that is written upon it), even today there are countless people who stand on streets holding pickets. 
Over the last few years, what incidents have produced the most picketers? Today I again pass by a picket-holding protestor. He expresses his opinion with his entire body, as if he is one with the picket. They recognize the disguise or concealment of certain aspects concerning socially occurring incidents. They have held up pickets without hesitation in opposition of the enormous united authority. At one point, they realize that they cannot but reject the political affair unfolding before their eyes. 
‘When we reject it is not due to pride or euphoria, but we reject at the hand of the movement of the greatest anonymity. Because the true power of rejection is not fulfilled by our doing or by only our names, but because it is fulfilled by setting out from the extremely poor beginnings of those who do not have a voice.’(Maurice Blanchot) Will picketers be able to accomplish this beginning? Did they already accomplish it the moment they grabbed hold of their picket? They must stand against dictatorship hiding behind the highest sovereignty, and oppose those to whom authority has naturally come even if they did not wish to attain it. We as well are placed on the starting line as we confront big and small powers full of babbling every day. In the end, we cannot be bystanders before the authorities and socially occurring incidents. Will we be able to accomplish our beginnings?