Meeting North Koreans in the Netherlands


In January 2009, the artist comes across a North Korean defector in the Netherlands. The artist visits the defector’s house in Amersfoort, a house of refugees, to listen to his defection story in great detail. 

In these days, there are many North Koreans escaping from their country. The lack of freedom and them not being treated as ordinary human beings, make them run away to another country. There are at least 300.000 North Korean refugees in China. However, it does not mean that living in China is a paradise. The Chinese government in defiance of international laws is persecuting North Koreans and the fatal truth is that each month, hundreds of North Korean refugees are sent back to their country. These people are sent to the most horrifying prisons in North Korea. Knowing this fact, some North Koreans are trying to get in South Korea. Refugees are hoping that the Chinese government will acknowledge their circumstances and let them go to South Korea. For obvious reasons, this is a very urgent case for the refugees. In January 2009, I met some North Korean refugees in the Netherlands. There were so many things I could not know of, I had no idea of the circumstances of those refugees, no knowledge of the jaw dropping attitude of the Chinese Government, the life in China and so on. Now, being in the Netherlands, I had a chance to meet some of them.