20 February 2016

When there are demonstrations, these demonstrations do not concern only the small or large number of those who participate in them: they express the right of all to be free in the streets freely to be a passerby and to make something happen in the streets. It is the first right. 
– Maurice Blanchot

May 17, 1980
November 15, 2005
May 3, 2008
December 19, 2013 
April 18, 2015 
January 31, 2016

And November 14, 2015

South Korea’s malfunctioning society and political system and imperfect democracy (the dictatorship of the authorities dressed in democracy, their shows) have made everyone the Proletariat, the disabled, and who has lost the voice and sight, wandering the streets like ghosts. Reality repeats endlessly and returns to the self in the form of an obscure place that may be factual or fictional; the pieces derived from within are not able to be comprehended as to who, when, where, how, and why they were created. He, who believed the country to be air but was not aware of its existence, is now able to see the nation, in pain and wail, as the derived pieces dash through the air and pierce his eyes, neck and other body parts. He has no way of finding his body parts. Those who derived the pieces have vanished from the earth and made him responsible for everything. Broken pieces of his body have disappeared.